Student Life

Annual Day Function

Annual Day Function provides an element of fun besides adding to the organizational capabilities of individuals. Annual Day Functions are organized and prepared by the students themselves. Students present their function in front of the invited dignitaries, the whole institute and their parents. The performance of the students is duly acknowledged by giving them the rewards.

Talent Search Programme

The Talent Search Programme completely organized by the students runs for a week involving a high spirited competition in activities like Plays, Debates, Extempore, Antakshri, Sketching, Essay, Songs and Sports. Besides this, there are various student committees organizing other events like talks and get togethers.

Out Station Study Camps

To take the students away from the pressure of studies the institute arranges picnic and outstation camps. Every year these out station camps are arranged for students. It gives the students a break from their study to have fun. These camps help in building unity among the students and also give a sense of responsibility to the students, since they manage and arrange these camps on their own under the guidance of respective faculty members.

Institute Publication

Institute publishes a house magazine. This is a quarterly magazine where students' talent in writing stories, poems, quiz, jokes, puzzles etc. is given importance.


The institute takes pride in celebrating various festivals like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, IED etc. to inculcate in the students the sense of unity and respect for different religions, and to preserve the traditions of our culture. The students are also exposed to various types of cuisine culture and traditions followed in different parts of our country.


Quizzes are held from time to time, which students themselves prepare and conduct. These facilities help them to learn in an interesting environment. These quizzes serve two fold purposes viz. information and motivation to come forward and act.

Food Festivals

Food Festivals are important feature of the Institute. Students of the institute are encouraged to conduct theme food festivals, both in national and international cuisines. These festivals act as a platform for budding aspirants to display their culinary skills and organizational skills in front of eminent