At HIT we believe that Living in a new environment can be a challenging and sometimes daunting experience, especially for young students who are entering the undergraduate college for the first time. Keeping these things in mind, the Himalayan Institute of Technology provides all the basic amenities and support facilities at the campus.

All these central facilities are well equipped with the necessary infrastructure and headed by a faculty member and/or a senior administrative staff.


All classrooms are spacious, provided with comfortable and ergonomic seating with ample lighting. The classrooms are designed in a manner that make students feel comfortable enough to actively participate during lecture sessions. Teachers have enough space to maintain eye contacts with each and every student, which in turn, enriches the teaching-learning process.

Practical Laboratories

The institute has the state of the art laboratories that provide a platform for the students to get hands on experience in various departments. The Institute also has state of the art infrastructure to provide quality training in the field of Hotel Management which is equipped with the following:-

Front office training lab

The Institute has a Front office training lab, where the students get to learn the art of guest handling and customer interaction. They are instructed in the art of handling a variety of situations through role play , mock reservation, registration and check-out procedures.

Students specialize in techniques like Customer handling, Hospitality service and Guest satisfaction skills in Front Office Department.

The training restaurant

Training restaurant is a Lab where one gets to study about, the techniques of food and beverage service from the basics to the latest industry trends.

The students have the chance to take on challenging responsibilities, getting trained under able guidance of world class professionals. Students become a part of a culture of excellence. Here they are trained to understand and perform the fundamentals of service of food and beverages, to pay attention to the needs of guests and learn to deal with various situations through face-to-face encounters during service practice.

World class exposure, growth opportunities & competitiveness is induced as a part of training to the students. We endeavor to create a training place where every student can reach his or her full potential.

Mock Bar 

Mock bar of the Institute is equipped to train the students regarding the service of various alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages and the preparation of various cocktails and mock tails. Mock bar for training students in the art of conjuring up delicious mock tails, and other concocted beverages is in place in Mock bar.

House Keeping training lab

The Institute is equipped with model guest room with most modern facility used to provide hands on training to the students. In this Lab, the students are introduced to and instructed in the art of providing a clean, comfortable and beautiful living atmosphere for the guests.

They are instructed in the skills of preparing rooms, keeping public areas in an aesthetic condition, providing clean, stain-free linen, arranging flowers and learning the management aspects that go into providing smooth, efficient and effective services to the recipients of these services.

Training kitchen

Training kitchen is a Lab where techniques of creating mouth watering and exotic dishes from around the world are taught. Students are also imparted knowledge of bakery and confectionery which is in great demand across the globe. The Training Kitchen lab prepares the students as follows:-

To acquaint the students with fundamentals of Food Production, enabling them to learn the basic process of cooking and mastering the subject ingredients used, their importance and the complete Method of cooking and related terminology.

To provide hands on practical training in quantity and quantity of cooking emphasizing on the mixing & combining of ingredients in right proportions for large quantities, rectification of errors during cooking to avoid wastage and to introduce the students to Indian Regional Cuisines with special emphasis on authenticity, ethnicity and cultural linkages.

To emphasize the importance of appearance- garnish, presentation and eye appeal in order to make the food look presentable. Also to acquaint the students to the latest trends in cold kitchen and its importance in gastronomy with emphasis mainly on presentation and the techniques of making intricate cold food presentations.

Computer Center

Technology has qualitatively enhanced our lives making it crisp and brisk. And computers are the most visible benefits of technology. Our Computer Center, thus, has a very important role in building the lives of our students. In addition to the computing resourcefulness offered by computers, in today's times, computers also connect us to the outside world. Computers open doors to a vast virtual space full of extensive information on almost every subject. Hence, our Computer Center is equipped with fast computers and a fast Internet connection, using the latest software.

We have a dedicated BSNL broad band service. Further, our students acquire presentation skills through the constant use of computers. This ensures that they prepare their projects well and get due recognition as professionals.


Since we know that  books are best friends, philosopher and guide of a person, our Institute has established an excellent library facility. It aims to facilitate production & dissemination of knowledge, information, insights & intellectual contribution in all areas of education among the academic and business community.

The HIT Library plays a crucial role in teaching and learning activities and provides the main source in individual reading and study. It has an elaborate collection of national & international journals on various aspects of Computer, Hotel Management, Information Technology, Management and related subjects, which assist in disseminating information and updating knowledge of our students.

A library is the soul of an academic institution. In these years, the library has grown steadily and uncompromisingly in the means of its resources, facilities and services. In addition, it subscribes journals, technical magazines and newspapers. Our library houses a good collection of Video- Audio CDs and project reports.


HIT cafeteria is a favorite haunt for our students . This is the place where teachers and students can interact with each other in an informal setting. The Institute Cafeteria caters meals, snacks, beverage, mineral water etc. for students, faculty and visitors.

Students have to deal with a regular heavy pressure of academics and therefore they require a place to unwind and relax over a cup of tea/coffee. Extended opening hours have been deliberately kept to ensure that the services of the cafeteria are available at all times. After all, what could be better than sharing one's views on current affairs over a steaming hot cup of coffee?


The Institute prodvides separate Hostel facilities for boys and girls. The hostel and mess facilities provide comfortable stay and hygienic food to the hostellers. The hostels are located in the close vicinity of the Instiute.