We have HIT Alumni Association better known as "HIT Touch". Our Alumni Association aims at promoting and facilitating a lifelong relationship between our Institute and the alumni. Membership is open to all who have studied at Himalayan Institute of Technology.

HIT Alumni are our ambassadors to the corporate world, the HIT alumni continue to bring laurels to their alma mater, through the accolades they garner in their chosen fields and organizations. The students who graduate and Post graduate from HIT are managers and leaders in an exceptionally broad gamut of organizations from entrepreneurial companies to established firms, government and private organizations. They are now our Alumni

The Institute's achievements have been remarkable in a span of last 18 years. We could not have achieved what we have without the support and passion of our dynamic alumni. Our alumni network offers a wealth of knowledge, business experience and networking opportunities which our students are encouraged to interact through.

HIT alumni have helped in strengthening the legacy of this institute and have done us proud through the accolades they have won in the corporate world. At HIT we value the personal ties and professional connections of our Alumni that are fostered here. Our alumni network provides members of the HIT community with a platform to stay in touch with each other, and to stay connected with their alma-mater…